Las Lianas del Río

Lianas del Rio were originally conceived as eight gorgeous villas that were to be a gated micro community close to a beautiful river that empties out into Marino Ballena National Park. It is one of the most pristine marine national parks on the planet. Home to the National Geographic documentary concerning whale breeding grounds on […]

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Oasis House

The Oasis in Uvita The Oasis was designed and built from scratch on a 537 sq. meter lot in Uvita de OSA, Puntarenas. The Southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica. As the lot was not ocean view, much had to done to create a very attractive and sellable spec home. The design of the home

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Villa Playa Shaman

This tropical villa is only 1000 square feet/100 square meters of construction, but it has lots of charm and is infused with details from Bali, Indonesia. It sits on a tiny lot just 800 meters from Playa Shaman in Bahia Ballena/Uvita, in the heart of the Pacific Coast within the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica.

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Casa Las Terrazas

Originally a 2500 sq ft. home, we turned a simple, outdated house into a clean, elegant, contemporary 4500 sq. foot show place. The creative concept, which permitted this challenging remodel to take place, was the idea of “lift and extend”. Physically lift the roof and extend the roofline. As you study the dramatic ‘before and

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Villa Cura Soul

Modern Tropical Design has a new look. Minimalist in design, understated and elegant in its execution, it is a truly perfect build where form and function intersect. All the while listening to what the property itself requires and gently tells you what to build…. Upscale yet understated elegance has a new standard. As the automatic

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Crafting Elegance: Transforming a 30-Year Costa Rican Home into a Modern Tropical Haven in Mollejoncito

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest accomplishment, a stunning remodel that redefines modern tropical living. Envisioned for a cherished client in Mollejoncito, this project breathes new life into a 30-year-old Costa Rican dwelling, turning it into an exquisite masterpiece of contemporary tropical design. Every corner has been meticulously crafted to capture the allure of the

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An Electric Gate with Illumination and Keypad for Casa Las Alturas

We’re thrilled to unveil our newest endeavor at Casa Las Alturas – an advanced electric gate installation that seamlessly blends security and convenience. This project showcases cutting-edge technology, offering not only a safeguarding entrance but also a sleek keypad access system for effortless entry. The accompanying lighting adds an element of elegance while ensuring visibility

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Bodega with palapa

Enhancing Your Space Two-Car Garage and Palapa Transformation at Casa las Alturas What was once a rusted 20ft container nestled into the mountainside has been reborn into a remarkable 2-car garage featuring a captivating palapa roof. The palapa itself boasts a charming cover of Palmex’s synthetic palm fronds, evoking a tropical oasis in Costa Rica.

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Project Glamping

Experience Luxury in Nature: Custom Glamping Tents by GreenBuilt Costa Rica Glamping is a portmanteau of «glamorous» and «camping», and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with «traditional» camping. This group of tents was done exclusively for a client in Guanacaste. The rustic style entrance completes the

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