Oasis House

The Oasis in Uvita

The Oasis was designed and built from scratch on a 537 sq. meter lot in Uvita de OSA, Puntarenas. The Southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica.

As the lot was not ocean view, much had to done to create a very attractive and sellable spec home.

The design of the home was an “L” shaped, extremely functional home. You entered through the big electric gate into a spacious garage, big enough to comfortably house a full -­‐grown Toyota Land Cruiser with walk-­‐ around space. Lots of shelving!

You entered into the open plan living area and spacious kitchen with granite countertops and all cedar cabinetry, and from there the it flowed into the master bedroom. Lastly was an office that was easily converted into a second bedroom.

The most attractive feature of the house was the GreenBuiltCR design itself. As there was no ocean view, we had to “create” a view where previously none existed. It was important to remove those unattractive faux colonial columns that are constantly being ill used here. One every 4 feet / 1meter. The idea wa to float the 12 ft/3 meter overhang without the use of those pesky columns.

Tying in the overhang made of lightweight, but sturdy material, and using 5 pairs of attractive stainless steel cables gave it a modern, contemporary look. The idea was to be able to look out and see the pool and garden from any vantage point in the house. Unobstructed views with gorgeous landscaping in true tropical fashion allowed to create the feeling of an Oasis within the jungle. The walled in compound utilized every available sq ft of that 537 sq meter lot! We created a 2000 sq foot home that was attractive and functional.

The cost to build the home and purchase the lot was $204,000. It was sold for 250,000$ dollars 10 months later. Well ahead of that 3 year average that homes require to sell here on the Pacific Coast in Costa Rica.

From the standpoint of a spec builder or someone looking to keep investment risk to a minimum with realistic ROI numbers, this home is a very real life example of how to design, build and sell here in Costa Rica. Of course, an important component to any successful sale is the staging element. GreenBuiltCR does design and the details like no one else.

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