Villa Cura Soul

Modern Tropical Design has a new look. Minimalist in design, understated and elegant in its execution, it is a truly perfect build where form and function intersect. All the while listening to what the property itself requires and gently tells you what to build….

Upscale yet understated elegance has a new standard.

As the automatic gate opens, revealing Villa Cura Soul’s magnificent minimalist design and numerous exquisite details, you’ll immediately feel the high end energy of this luxury tropical villa.

The entire private 3000 square foot project includes a 1.200 sq. ft home, a 750 square foot private rental villa with private access and parking, 650 square foot garage, electric gating, cantilevered deck overlooking the valley of San Isidro, and a stunning iridescent Indonesian Stone pool with Coralina Stone coping. Which ties into the interior flooring of Coralina Stone as well.
Of course, there is also a glass ceiling in the stone walled shower looking up at the tropical forest backdrop.

Just one of many details that inspire.

The stunning nighttime illumination is simply spectacular.

The attention to detail is remarkable. State of the art Security System, detailed attention to lighting and an incredible blend of organic Coralina Stone and natural tile throughout gives this jewel an upscale feel without the need for pretentiousness….

There is also a private access guest villa for rental income production, with quality appliances and exotic cabinetry of Guanacaste Wood and exotic granite countertops, as well as a small studio office making this a truly self contained work of art built to exacting specifications….let us here at GreenBuiltCR design your dream getaway home anywhere in the Southern Pacific Zone.

Total Area of construction: 3000 f2/300m2

What is modern tropical design?

Straight lines, minimal ornamentation, free-flowing layouts, and boundaries that melt away are characteristics that come to mind when we think of Modern Tropical Design. The panorama of Uvita, Ojochal, and Dominical lends itself perfectly to this style. It simply requires some vision and an eye for design and substantial restraint.

You can hang on to these following basic traits and still have plenty of room to play within the Modern Tropical Design category:

Some Modern Tropical Designs are formal, with recognizable geometries and patterns everywhere, particularly in planting design elements.

Others are more informal, playfully juxtaposing the rough and wild with the clean and crisp – this is where you’ll see stainless steel rails above corten walls, swooping grasses hemmed in by rigid paver paths. Villa Cura Soul is one such example with unique twists on this concept…

Even when skewing towards the wild, Modern Tropical Designs evoke restraint and control. Some designs lean heavily in this direction, pushing all the way to minimalism. Just let us know what you like and we’ll execute your vision here at GreenBuiltCR.

All this variety is a good thing – it means you have options.

Nestled in a tropical paradise of lush forest, mountains and rushing rivers, Villa Cura Soul is simply stunning in its detail both inside and out. It is located in the mountains up from the Quebradas community. In a place beautifully named Los Altos de Santa Marta. Fifteen minutes up from the center of San Isidro del General, there is a place where the weather conditions have been rated as one of the best living climates in the world.

Quebradas, in addition to the Southern Central Zone of Dominical, Ojochal, and Uvita, is one of the most desirable areas for expats to live as well as build rental income property. This is due to its scenic and pristine mountain surroundings, and its proximity to the city and Pacific Coast Beaches such as Dominical and Uvita.

Its altitude offers a near perfect climate and environment in which to live.

Looking to build a quality home in Uvita, Dominical or Ojochal? Or are you looking to do an extensive remodel to an existing home in the environs of Uvita, Dominical, Ojochal, known as the Southern Pacific Zone?

Either way, we are truly qualified to give expression to your home construction vision and dream. Please take a look and see for yourself.

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