Las Lianas del Río

Lianas del Rio were originally conceived as eight gorgeous villas that were to be a gated micro community close to a beautiful river that empties out into Marino Ballena National Park. It is one of the most pristine marine national parks on the planet. Home to the National Geographic documentary concerning whale breeding grounds on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. This is truly one of the world’s greatest blue zones.

The villas themselves were to be made up of sturdy lighter weight materials both to reduce economic costs, and to create a beautiful living space that nestled itself into the actual surrounding environment.

We incorporated the Mahoney Tables in designing to maximize breeze capture. The elevated and angle roofs created escape routes for the heat and hot humid air that are part of this geography. What was left was an open, airy structure that was visually stunning as well as cool and comfortable. No detail was too small of course. Small but functional swimming pool, open kitchen design, with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Floating bed platforms, skylights, and all the extras.

Even the design of the rear of the villa was a thing of beauty. No detail should be left ignored. The ideal price point to build such a villa was $150,000. While cost can brought down somewhat by using lightweight materials, it is important to understand that this has its limits. There is a certain cost that is reality based when construction here is spoken about by the square meter. Once it begins to dip below a certain price per square meter, you are assured substandard building and structural issues. We here at GreenBuiltCR will never be the cheapest in price. However, our quality is unmatched locally.

The micro community Lianas del Rio lives within walking distance to the Uvita River. Beautifully landscaped and tucked away for quiet and private living with easy access in 5 minutes to the heart of Uvita de Osa.

That is we strive to bring to our customers.

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