Do you need construction services in Uvita or Dominical? We can help you.

The new normal in Costa Rica is creating several new layers of complications that must be addressed if you are to successfully build a home that doubles as rental income property in Uvita and Dominical. Its southern neighbour, Ojochal, which is 15 minutes south of Uvita is seeing a notable uptick in activity as well, and such means you need to pay attention to the new changes in the country’s legal and taxation code..

Construction Services in Uvita and Ojochal.


If you’re intending to build a home in Dominical or Uvita, it’s not just a local builder from Uvita that you require, but a complete build team. That team should provide you with legal services in Uvita and Dominical as well. Beyond the mere transactional legal service, you are going to require banking services in the Southern Pacific Zone. Opening a bank account now brings immediate tax implications and tax compliance with Hacienda.

This is particularly true if you’re looking to create or build rental property in Uvita and Ojochal. You’ll need legal and accounting services in the Southern Pacific zone, or its neighbour San Isidro and its surrounding neighbourhoods of Quebradas, or Platanillo.

We are equipped with a true team of specialised tax attorneys and accountants who will ensure your compliance with Hacienda, Costa Rica’s version of the IRS. They are aggressively looking for those who do not declare monthly, whether or not your property generates income that particular month. Failure to do so generates substantial fines, and it’s a most unpleasant experience to navigate the labyrinth of headaches and time that this will require to do so on your own. Why don’t you let our specialists help you? That’s why we’re here.

Here are a few of the topics you must address when building a home in Uvita, Dominical, or Ojochal.

– Opening a tax compliant bank account

–Legal and acocunting services to be in compliance with Hacienda


Tax compliance and assessment

Its not something we recommend you should attempt on your own. I speak from experience. Our team has years of experience interacting with these entities.

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